Bespoke, individual palettes, customized logos and remote control.
The wine refrigerators are divided into two types: Mono-temperature and multi-temperature.

The optimum temperature for storing wine is 12-14 degrees. For special wine-types, we facilitate a temperature regime of 8-10 degrees.

The optimum humidity for storage and maturation of wine is 55-70%.
Highly effective circulation means that air within the unit cannot stagnate, keeping the wine fresh.

We use anti-vibration technology, so despite the ongoing operation of refrigeration equipment, the contents of the bottles will be unaffected by any vibrations.

Silent operation, even with a fully-stocked unit, sound frequency will not rise above 42-45 decibels.

There is the option to install the refrigeration equipment outside of the premise. Using air conditioner units, this ensures proper cooling of the entire collection of wine, regardless of volume and size, without noise and adequate use for wine storage.

Doors fitted with UV protection glass.

Simple and intuitive controls with soft lighting guarantees comfort and proper storage for all wines.

External panels are made with high-quality Stainless-Steel ANSI 304, with vacuum painting surface technology, PDV (Physical Vapor Deposition), ensuring long-term operation free from tarnishing and protection against scratches.

This coating is resistant to extreme temperatures and any mechanical surface damage, allowing you to choose from a variety of wood and stain options.

Our customized wine cellars will impress your guests and massively increase the value of your home or business.

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