Allow us to present to you our international team, experts in the field of design and wine-cooling technology.

We do not sell ready-made catalogue fridges and we do not stock ready-made unit samples.

With us, you will receive a unique wine cabinet, tailored to your preferences. You’ll be introduced to an elegant, new generation of finishing technologies.

Those who own home wine collections will receive as much attention-to-detail as those who own restaurants and wineries.

About the manufacturing

Practical by design and built with the highest quality.

At our factory in China, some of the worlds leading brands make orders for OEM and ODM systems.

We utilize every available measurement for height and depth, without compromising the storage temperature for your wine collection.

We use every free centimeter of height and depth without compromising the storage temperature of your wine collection.                                                

Our production processes are aimed only at the most efficient use of resources, and combined with the technologies, development is completed by minimizing any extra cost.

With production taking place in China, this allows you to forge an estimate for your project that is financially far more attractive than other manufacturers, without compromising the high standard of quality.

Our production sites are certified in accordance with international standards ISO 14001.

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